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Social media, so what?

Networking is encouraged as a way of enhancing professional growth. Social media is one of the most widely used tools we can use to engage and expand our networking capabilities. There are many platforms that can be used depending on the intended audience and despite some reservations you may have, social media is an invaluable tool.

So what's the big deal about social media? Why do these young generations spend so much time on social media? I don’t need social media, it is not for me! (keep reading)

These are the expressions some people use when they hear the term social media. Social media is a platform of visual, two-way communication where users can post content for the purpose of socialization. Since inception, social media has taken off and is not believed to be going away anytime soon. Social media encompasses a fusion of private conversations and public broadcasting media.

Although most people use the connections of one or more social media platforms, there are still a select few who have strong reservations about the use, necessity, and importance of social media. As times change, so should our habits. The concept of change is inevitable. How can we grow if we are not willing to change? If you can’t beat them, join them! Well, not that there should be competition among generations, but understanding why so many people use social media will allow you to understand the benefits.

Although face to face communication will always be important, social media amplifies communication and provides a faster route to information. Social media allows you to connect with family, friends, colleagues, and other individuals within your network.

Social media allows you to communicate, share information & memories, and keep in touch with people at your convenience.

Many people are fearful of social media possibly due to what researchers of socialnomics call social anxiety. Many believe social media, as is with other technological innovations, sacrifices a normal social life and fosters individualism. In other words, it only benefits the specific user. The truth is, social media is beneficial to not only individual users but to society as a whole. Social media has been used to save lives, provide customer service, spread awareness to important issues, and apprehend criminals. Social media is the modern day citizen journalism and was the primary source of information for the 2016 election.

Reservations of privacy and information security also hinder some from adapting to the evolution of social media. Platforms of social media are equipped with privacy settings that allow you to control what information is shared and with whom. Platforms also have internal cybersecurity measures that protect user information. Social media in all is not a fad and will continue to enhance communication in the world.

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